Heloise Tunstall-Behrens

Heloise Tunstall-Behrens

Heloise Tunstall-Behrens is a London-based composer, singer, performer and installation artist, working in the field between vocal and instrumental music, electronics and performance.

She is currently finishing a Masters in Composition at Trinity Laban Conservatoire where she has been exploring the spatialisation of sound and the resonance of bodies, space and objects within an embodied musical practice (combining movement and sound). She loves collaborating and has been working closely with dancer Franziska Boehm on this research and the interaction between microphones and speakers and the body.

She writes for ensembles and soloists, creating works which investigate timbre and the relationship between sound and natural dynamics found in ecosystems. In December 2018, Trinity Laban Symphony Orchestra performed Heloises orchestral piece 'Dwafie Stane', exploring the resonant frequencies within a neolithic cave, and she recently completed an orchestral work 'Mimeophon' inspired by self repeating forms.

Her electronic composition has encompassed working with modular synths and electronic processing. Additionally, she creates works which incorporate field recordings, the voice and electronics, exploring spatialisation through ambisonic mixing. Her multi-speaker composition, 'Petroglyph', composed for the Huddersfield Immersive Sound System (HISS), incorporates sounds derived from ringing stones in Azerbaijan and voices flocking like a murmuration of starlings. It was premiered at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in November 2019.

Heloise finds inspiration from the collective organisation of natural ecosystems and is fuelled by interspecies collaboration. In 2016, she received Arts Council England funding to write an 'opera' with Auclair called The Swarm. This is a 60-minute choral work about swarming honey bees. This was performed by 9 members of Deep Throat Choir in Brunel Museum in 2016 and VAULT Festival in 2017.

She currently sings and composes with the all-female Deep Throat Choir, Landshapes and Blood Moon Project and sings spectral drone in the duo Vertical Foliage.