Deep Throat Choir: "Camille"

Deep Throat Choir: "Camille"

“And then Camille came into our lives, rendering present the cross-stitched generations of the not-yet-born and not-yet-hatched of vulnerable, coevolving species.” - Donna Harraway

Deep Throat Choir return with their new single Camille. Taking its name from Children of the Compost, a collection of future fables by the eco-feminist writer Donna Haraway, the track is “an exploration of the feeling that the boundaries between yourself and the natural world, or somebody else, are entirely porous and dissolving”, says choir leader Luisa Gerstein. A music video for the track has been created by London based visual artist Rachel Sale.

It is the first single from Deep Throat Choir’s forthcoming album, and marks the foundation of the Amorphous Sounds collective. The label takes its name from the lyrics to Camille, in which the group sing “I'm reeling / I'm restless / porous / amorphous”. Describing the collaborative practice of the artists working within Deep Throat Choir, it gives name to an already existing collective of music makers from a wide-range of disciplines, and is a statement of intent for future cross-stitched imaginings. The label is founded by Luisa Gerstein and Anika Mottershaw.

Deep Throat Choir

As if seen through the eyes of a butterfly, this video takes us on a playful trip through a thickly woven bed of plants, humans, animals and other organic matter. Inspired by the spirit of the song, we wanted to make a video that stares deezp into the eyes of nature and at the same time allows the boundaries between us and it to dissolve. - Rachel Sale