D.I.A.A.R.L. Auclair

D.I.A.A.R.L. Auclair


British-Rwandan artist Auclair today announces details of her new EP, “Giramata,” due for release 15 April via Amorphous Sounds. Today she shares the EP’s first single, “D.I.A.A.R.L.” (Dreaming Is An Act of Radical Love), a serenade to our imaginative muscle.


Auclair says of the song: “I wrote and recorded D.I.A.A.R.L. (Dreaming Is An Act of Radical Love) during a difficult time, in which I got a lot of energy and hope from the expansive vibrant ideas of people like Sun Ra, bell hooks and lots of sci-fi writers. The ways they continually reimagine the world and new ones inspired me to draw on my heritage and an old technology in traditional Rwandan drumming patterns and combine it with a newer one in the waves of the Moog Mother-32 synthesiser. I think it's an attempt to serenade our imaginative muscles and it’s potential as an everyday liberatory practice.”

Auclair’s “Giramata” EP takes its title from her Rwandan name, signalling a new phase in her sound. Here she explores stories of transmutation, ritual, desire, grief and dreaming, all brought to life in the sinuous energy of her voice, layers of distorted synths, and the tactile immediacy of every beat. Each song provides space for elemental change, wherein ghost notes are given as much weight as those charged up with bold polyrhythms.

Growing up in West London, Auclair flourished under the influence of the city’s eclectic collection of broken beat, techno, drum & bass, and jungle scenes. Teamed with her love of punk and hardcore, as well as her background in choirs, Auclair crafts a liminal space, where digital and analogue amalgamate into a forever evolving shape. Early recordings on her first eight-track player left no stone unturned, using her own voice as an instrument to build universes that are uniquely hers, and layers of field recordings to construct music with intricate, other-worldly beauty.

Auclair has always been inquisitive about the musicality of sound. Much of her creative energy between releases is spent on sound-art projects and multi-arts collaborations. Previous projects include a live reworking and scoring of Afro-Brazilian classic “Black Orpheus” with Charlie Dark, Beck’sSong Reader Live,The Sensory Score, a multi-sensory concert for a blindfolded audience, choral sound work about bees with The Swarm, and a musique-concrete series of field recordings taken from buildings.

Auclair has played in samba groups, trained with a Nigerian master drummer, and studied with the pioneering Rwandan drum ensemble Ingoma Nshya. The rhythmic language of her heritage and her growing musical curiosity is an unwavering thread throughout “Giramata,” seeing her use her body and her voice as well as drum machines, scrunched up plastic bags and synthesisers to create a sense of kaleidoscopic, cathartic wandering.

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This ever-transitioning EP opens with “D.I.A.A.R.L. (Dreaming Is An Act of Radical Love),” a serenade to the power of our dreams as liberation inspired by Rwandan drumming, Sun Ra and bell hooks. The Audre Lorde-inspired “Them Unsaids,” sees angular drums and bass interlock, pulsing beneath vocals striving to turn silence into language and action. On “Doggo,” Auclair blends woozy trance chords with blown-out drums to carry us through an awakening of thirst as an expression of itself. “Sinti Holo” was born from improvisation on EDP’s WASP synth, its sliding touch-sensitive keypad providing a wavey backdrop in homage to swimming as a balm for a broken heart. EP closer “Blank Spaces” utilizes the sound of a train in transit to signify a journey yet to end, rendering reason redundant under the ever-collapsing phrase: “All those blank spaces / giving me aching / to chase it / more.”

Giramata” sees Auclair reject the barriers of self-scrutiny, heartache and longing, transforming sounds into a mythological pathway of the transcendental and the everyday. Like the saturated colours of Wong Kar Wai, the circular narratives of Pedro Almodovar, and the rich traditions of Rwandan folklore, she teases out the intrinsic beauty in the details. Each of the five tracks found on “Giramata” reflect a transformation – to encounter yourself with fresh eyes, to make peace with grief and ritual desire, and to express vulnerability in unadorned, open spaces.

Auclair’s new EP “Giramata” is due for release 15 April via Amorphous Sounds

Track List

1. “D.I.A.A.R.L.

2. Them Unsaids

3. Doggo

4. Sinti Holo

5. Blank Spaces